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If you didn't come here for the finer points of face-punching then, buddy, you came to the wrong place.

Oct 24, 2019

This week on Heavy Hands, we're keeping things simple. No cramming to keep up with the schedule--instead, we're focusing solely on the big fights, including one from the main card of the upcoming (and absolutely stacked) UFC 244. 

  • Has Demian Maia finally found the wrestler he can beat, or is the old man doomed to stall out on another 10,000 single legs?
  • Rory MacDonald is rematching Douglas Lima. We wish he weren't, but here we are
  • The Stephen Thompson PR defense squad unites against the forces of evil (Lucas Bourdon, Anthony Pettis, etc). Vicente Luque has the power, but does he have the pressure to back it up?