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If you didn't come here for the finer points of face-punching then, buddy, you came to the wrong place.

Nov 20, 2019

This week on Heavy Hands... we're FREEEEEE! Laughing and playing, frolicking like free-spirited children, yippeeeee!

Well, almost. Before enjoying these precious few weeks without a UFC event, we break down some of the (mostly abysmal) UFC Sao Paulo card, and then it's on to discussing our first juicy topic in what feels like forever. 

  • How do the GOATs of each division stack up against the current champions? Could Fedor beat Stipe? Could a prime Andy beat Adesanya? Would BJ Penn even survive a fight with Khabib (lol)?
  • Jan Blachowicz and Jacare Souza conspired to shit the bed together, in the worst main event of the year. How did they cancel one another out so completely?
  • Would it be sadder if Shogun Rua lost to Paul Craig, or if he won? Wrong.
  • Bless Charles Oliveira for doing his best to save the card with a sensational (and remarkably technical) KO