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If you didn't come here for the finer points of face-punching then, buddy, you came to the wrong place.

Dec 18, 2019

This week on Heavy Hands, UFC 245 was awesome! And we've got Frankie Edgar vs Korean Zombie coming up next week. It's all good stuff, folks.

We only had room for the main and co-main of UFC 245 on this episode, but don't despair: we did break down just about every other undercard bout, and you'll be able to find those over on our Patreon, where all of our bonus episodes are available for just $3 a month. As for this ep:

  • That nincompoop Ed may have convinced us there would be wrestling, but we did learn a lot about Kamaru Usman's striking
  • Alexander Volkanovski proved himself a worthy champion with another brilliantly planned and executed strategy
  • Does Edgar have the wrestling to get past Korean Zombie's laser-guided uppercut defense system?
  • Aleksander Rakic: is he actually good?