Heavy Hands

Connor and Phil try their very best to be optimistic about one of the worst looking cards of the year. It could be worse. IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE.

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Connor and Phil talk Font vs Garbrandt, and then leverage the recent spate of horrific leg injuries into a discussion about technique trends in MMA.

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Connor and Phil celebrate Champion Chucky--or should that be Chucky Olive-wreath?--and look forward to Rob Font vs Cody Garbrandt.

  • It was the most predictably exciting main event ever--except for the part where Chucky Olives proved once and for all that he can take a whooping and come back. Boy, can he.
  • Folks... Tony Ferguson ain't coming back, and Beneil Dariush ain't getting that car.
  • Does Cody Garbrandt have the chin (and the wits) to trade with a man John Lineker couldn't put away?
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Connor and Phil take a good, long look at UFC 262's Oliveira vs Chandler, and try to figure out which glass cannon shatters first.

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This week on Heavy Hands, Connor and Phil marvel at the madness that is Jiri Prochazka before scratching their heads over the upcoming Waterson vs Rodriguez.

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